Water, Sewer, Trash Included

We understand that your mobile home is an investment.

You can count on us when you are buying your mobile home.

Our Management team has a personal, friendly touch and a professional approach.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying your mobile home -  contact us now

For sale by owner     Airstream 345 Luxury Edition Classic Motorhome    ... $28,900   

Call (810) 705-1813 for information

 4-A    1 bedroom, 1 bath, room addition, parking pad, shed .... single wide

            needs renovation (727) 399-0182... HANDYMAN SPECIAL

 17-A         1 bedroom, 1 bath full tub, central air, covered patio, shed ... raised single wide  

                  ... call  (727) 399-0182           $6,000

 5-D          2 bedroom, 1 bath, carport, room addition, shed ..... single wide

                 ... call  (727) 399-0182         $7,000

8-B                1 bedroom, 1 bath, covered patio, carport, shed ...... single wide

                       ...  call (727) 399-0182         $4,800

 6-B        1 bedroom, 1 bath, room addition, shed, carport .....single wide

                needs renovation       ...  call (727) 399-0182 ....  HANDYMAN SPECIAL


 Electric utilities are based on your usage and are payable in addition to rent.  Water and trash are paid by the park and included in your lot rent $338.     

 Lawn maintenance is available for $8 to $10 monthly.

 APPLICATION PROCESS: We must protect our investment and the well-being of our current tenants, so not just anyone can live here. Applicants must undergo a screening process to verify they have no drug, crime or serious credit problems and will be a good neighbor to the rest of our tenants. If you are approved as a tenant, this process will make you feel secure that your new community will remain pleasant for you. The application process includes a discussion with our park manager and completing a two-page application. The application includes asking your permission to conduct a background criminal investigation, credit check and your authorization for us to speak to your past landlords and current references. This process is usually conducted within 48 hours of our receipt of your completed application.

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